2K14 Sim League

We're about to get a fun 1-Season All-Time Ultimate Draft 2K Sim League Started!

I'm looking to experiment with something fun that basketball fans should enjoy. I'm creating a 1-Season Mini Simulation League.  30 team owners with a fantasy draft style with every player in the Ultimate Fantasy Draft roster (3,500 players) available.  It is not required that you even need to load up 2K14 to participate.  We currently have 20+ owners but are still looking for a few more to sign up.  You can check out the available teams, rosters, owners, and player ratings on the league website. E-mail me if you are interested in joining in the current league or if you want to participate in a future league: UltimateNBA2K@gmail.com
League Website: https://bit.ly/2N22NaL