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NBA Ultimate Base Roster Mod Details

Version 80.2: DOWNLOAD - Released 11/25/22 (Patron Version)
Version 80.2: DOWNLOAD - Released 11/25/2022 (Currently the same as the Patron Version)
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 Features most recently added:

Present Day Additions:

*Updated 2023 Roster with accurate transactions for all NBA teams (11/19/22) (adjusted ages, years pro, salaries etc)

*Added real 2023 Schedule

*Added all G-League teams and logos to the 2022 & 2023 Rosters (no logos were removed)

*Added real G-League courts and stadiums - courtesy 2K14 GL

*Added real G-League jerseys - courtesy Error2K

*Added 2022 All-Star Jerseys, City Jerseys, City Courts, and some updated 2022 base courts - courtesy Makoy

*Updated 2022-2023 player cyberface looks for many players (see contributor tab on http://www.UltimateNBA2K.com)

*Updated 2021 Draft Class, Updated 2022 Draft Class Updated 2023 Draft Class

*Added updated 2022 & 2023 Draft Prospect cyberfaces - courtesy Nick15 & JanZan

*Added updated 2023 main screens / home pages when launching the game


Retro Additions:

*Improved retro dornas and added ~250+ new ones throughout the 1980-2023 Rosters

*Added full coaching staffs to 1980-2023 rosters (in addition to head coach, two assistants, trainer, and general manager)

*Improved simulation stats, player roles assignments, team chemistry, and primary/secondary positions

*Added real contract lengths and salaries to the 1985-1999 Rosters

*Adjusted POTENTIAL ratings for players in 1985-1999 Rosters

*Added a brand new shoe vault system which includes over 414 shoes

*Added real shoes for all players in 1980-1999 Rosters - courtesy TrueFaith

View all 414 shoes in the In-Game & Offline Shoe Vaults

*Fixed Years Pro (including rookie status) for players who were incorrect in the 1985-1999 Rosters

*Fixed some Draft years for players in the 1985-1999 Rosters

*Fixed filler players on teams that do not exist yet in retro associations to prevent them from winning awards

*Added 1950 Draft Class file - courtesy Jimmy

*Added compatible MyCareer file for 1985, and the ability to start career as Jordan/Hakeem/Barkley/Stockton

*Added compatible MyCareer file for 1997, and the ability to start career as Kobe/Iverson/Nash/Allen

*Fixed the 3-Point Contest in all retro rosters during association/season mode play

*Updated the UBR Ult. Champions Roster to include the 2021 Bucks

*Updated the Ultimate Base Roster to include current 2022 teams

*Updated the Ultimate Base Roster to include the 2021 Bucks

*Added new 1955-1965 Draft Class files - courtesy Andrew

*Sprinkled in some better retro cyberfaces throughout the season mods


Future Plans:

*Click HERE to view long-term goals and progress updates!